Written by: Phillip Hulme

As many veterans can tell you, one of the most unnerving experiences is transitioning from a military life to a civilian life. The utter lack of direction can immobilize veterans during their transition. As you might expect, the military does a truly awful job ensuring that service members are successful in this critical transition.

Service members who are interested in pursuing further education have an excellent option available to them, even if they don’t know it yet. That option is Service to School. Service to School specializes in helping veterans transition from service into college, as their name might suggest. The organization began as a way to help service members transition into MBA programs, but has since widened their scope to help service members transition into nearly every conceivable university program.

My personal experience with Service to School has been excellent. In pursuit of my MBA I requested assistance from their MBA Ambassador Team. In short order I was paired with an outstanding ambassador, Katie. Katie and I emailed back forth over the course of several months while I studied for the GMAT, wrote my essays, and occasionally pleaded for help. She always found time to help me and give me the feedback I needed to be successful. After everything was said and done I was admitted to two top-40 MBA programs with significant scholarship awards to boot. Most importantly though, I gained a friend and a mentor.

Since that time I have been a volunteer helping other veterans obtain their education goals. I recently received word from a veteran I have been advising that he received admission to Georgia Tech’s MBA program. To say the least, I am beyond proud of him. I know his experiences in that MBA program will enable him to achieve his goals. I can’t wait to see what is in store for his future.

Service to School is run by veteran volunteers and is always looking for more people to help and get involved. If you are at all interested in helping veterans to help themselves, I would encourage you to either donate or get involved yourself.


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