Back to School

Well it has been just over 7 months and I’m back at UF for their full-time 2 year MBA program. It has been surprisingly easy to get back into the swing of things. However, it is only day two. I thought after taking 2 & 1/2 months to travel and helping my cousin Nic and his wife Sara remodel their new house that jumping back into academics would be more challenging. Perhaps I’m just happy as long as I’m busy.

I hope to write a lot about the program and my experiences with UF’s MBA program as time goes on. Realistically the first few months are going to be incredibly busy. Recruiting season has apparently already begun. Proctor and Gamble will be visiting with us on Friday if that is any signal of how quickly things are ramping up.

I feel like I have already met some solid people. Everyone in the program seems to have a high caliber of character and they are obviously smart with a tremendous work ethic. I’m excited to see who I develop friendships with and where life takes all of us after these next two years. I’m sure looking back at this post two years from now will be surreal.

I would love to hear from anyone who has questions about getting into an MBA program or has been through one themselves. I think it would be insightful to get a mix of experiences on here. I know I will be writing more articles about how I got into the program and hopefully that will be useful to some of you.

Question: What has been your most challenging academic experience?